February 16, 9 pm

TEMPO – Teatro Municipal de Portimão – Tickets  Sold out

March 9, 9 pm

Cine Teatro Louletano, Loulé – Tickets Sold out

August, 15, 9 pm 

Festival de Música Moderna MMFEST, Lagos

November 2, 7 pm

Auditório Carlos do Carmo, Lagoa

February 28, 2025, 7 pm

Teatro Lethes, Faro

July 5, 2025

Centro Cultural de Lagos



SVETLANA BAKUSHINA FUSION PROJECT seamlessly fuses jazz, ethnic influences, and progressive rock. Weaving rhythmic and harmonic complexity with elements of improvisation, its original music showcases a unique blend. The creative core features Svetlana Bakushina on piano and harpsichord, Seibas Gamboa on cello and electric bass, and Jorge Carrilho on drums. The live concerts promise a distinctive experience, showcasing also the talents of guest artists like soprano Michele Tomaz and video artist Anastasia Maystrenko, among others.

Core members:

Svetlana Bakushina – piano, harpsichord, ethnic instruments, composition. Svetlana is an artist and filmmaker, who holds Master’s degrees in Piano Education and Cinematography, she is also an artistic director of the chamber music festival “Vilanova” in Monchique. Svetlana Launched her first solo album “Sun and Frost” in 2021

Seibas Gamboa – Violoncello. an accomplished cellist, studied under Prof. Schulz in Mainz, Germany, and conducted the Symphony Orchestra Mainz in 2014. During the pandemic, he composed and released his debut album, “Odisea Gorila,” and a collection of cello compositions. He also recorded “Espejos en la Arena” with the University Orchestra of Puebla in Mexico.

Jorge Carrilho is a drummer with vast musical experience, having played in several renowned bands and accompanied musicians and artists from both national and international scenes.

Invited Artists:

Michele Tomaz – soprano.  Michele obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Singing and Lyrical Art at the University of São Paulo in 2011. Later, she completed a Master’s degree in Singing, specializing in Performance and Music Education. Michele is a versatile performer and educator, active in the Algarve region.

Daniel Marques – a saxophonist. Daniel began his musical journey at Sociedade Filarmónica Silvense. Collaborating with renowned artists and joining the Orquestra de Sopros do Algarve in 2008, he later graduated in Saxophone Interpretation from the University of Évora. Daniel founded the Saxophone Quartet of the University of Évora, 4SaxUÉ, and actively contributes to various music institutions as a teacher. Currently pursuing a Master’s in Music Education at the University of Évora, Daniel continues his vibrant career as a saxophonist and educator.

Anastasia Maystrenko – a visual artist and animator, she has crafted mesmerizing video art projections for the live shows of the Fusion Project. Her works seamlessly blend charming frame-by-frame animation with experiments involving light and textures. After completing her master’s degree in audiovisual media arts in Latvia, Anastasia has participated in various festivals and concerts, collaborating with creators of experimental electronic music as well as classical composers.