I Festival of chamber music in Monchique – 2022

The first edition of the Monchique chamber music festival, called VilaNova, took place over three consecutive weekends in December: on the 4th, 11th, and 18th. It was the first time that lovers of classical music had the opportunity to experience multiple performances in different locations throughout the town’s urban area, over the course of a month.

The festival was organized by the Monchique Parish Council and had the support of the Parish and the Holy House of Mercy for the use of their spaces. The festival’s name is a reference to Monchique’s official name as a municipality in 1773, which celebrated its 250th anniversary in January of the following year. At that time, the official document formalized the town’s name as Vila Nova de Monchique.

Another feature of the festival was its diverse range of concert locations. The festival began with a performance by Michele Tomaz and Svetlana Bakushina on voice and piano at the Igreja Matriz on December 4th. On December 11th, Piotr and Savva Pereverzev and K. Nakuripova-Pereverzeva performed a concert with violin, guitar, and piano at the Igreja da Misericórdia. The festival’s final performance took place at the Igreja do Pé da Cruz, which had undergone renovations, and featured a harpsichord concert performed by Svetlana Bakushina, who is also the festival’s artistic director. The church was open to visitors who wanted to attend the concert or visit after the renovations.

The Chamber Music Festival in Monchique is a celebration of classical music and a highlight of the cultural life of the Algarve. It brings together musicians and music lovers to enjoy classical music concerts. The festival is an important event for the community of Monchique as it brings people together and showcases the talents of local and international musicians. The festival attracted around 1000 people, both from the local area and further afield, in its successful first edition. The classical music performances are held in intimate settings, creating a special atmosphere and allowing the audience to fully immerse themselves in the music. With its focus on quality and tradition, the Chamber Music Festival is a must-attend event for anyone interested in classical music.

The first edition of the Chamber Music Festival in Monchique was a great success. The festival was a big draw for tourists, who were able to experience the unique blend of classical music, stunning landscapes, and charming hospitality of the region. The festival’s concerts were received with great enthusiasm and the success of the first edition set the stage for what promises to be an annually growing cultural event in the Algarve. The Chamber Music Festival has established itself as an important and beloved celebration of classical music in Monchique and will certainly become a must-attend item on the cultural calendar of the region in the coming years.

Looking ahead, the second edition of the Chamber Music Festival in Monchique is already scheduled for October 2023. With its continued commitment to excellence, the festival promises to once again be a highlight of the cultural life of the Algarve, attracting both locals and visitors to enjoy world-class classical music in a breathtaking setting.