Svetlana Bakushina is a versatile artist and filmmaker hailing from Siberia. She holds a Master’s degree in Music Education in Piano Pedagogy, earned in 2001 from the Novosibirsk College of Arts, and a Master’s degree in Cinematography, obtained in 2006 from Novosibirsk State Technical University. Svetlana is affiliated with prestigious organizations, including the Union of Cinematographers and the Union of Photographers of the RF. As an acclaimed photographer, her work has been featured in numerous exhibitions worldwide, and her digital pieces are part of the collections at institutions like the Novosibirsk State Art Museum and the Omsk Museum of Fine Arts named after M.A. Vrubel, as well as in the hands of private collectors across the globe.

Film “Her picture” with a soundtrack composed by Svetlana was in the official selection of the Cannes Film Festival, and other films: including documentaries, and fiction short films produced by Svetlana received multiple awards at prestigious international film festivals. Also Svetlana, in collaboration with her husband Carlos Martins, directed and acted in about 300 TV commercials, produced for international clients.

Svetlana Bakushina was featured on national TV stations around the world, including National Geographic Channel (USA), Russia 1 Network (Russia), Sigma TV (Cyprus), Correio da Manha TV (Portugal), ABC Networks (USA), Trans7 Network (Indonesia), Seven West Media (Australia), among many others.

In addition to her musical collaborations, Svetlana has also lent her talents to the theatrical world as a stage projection video artist. Her work includes collaborations with prominent theaters such as the Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Russian State Academic Drama Theatre Named After Fyodor Volkov, and the Theatre Festival Baltic-House in Saint Petersburg.

Svetlana collaborated with Henryk Baranowski, Polish theatre, opera and film director since 2003 until his death in 2013. They collaborated on operas: Life with an Idiot by A. Schnittke, Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District by D. Shostakovich, dramas: The Tempest by W. Shakespeare, Loneliness on the Net by J. L. Wiśniewski, where she worked on stage video art installations and theatre film production.  

Svetlana is an artistic director of the Festival of Chamber Music VilaNova in Monchique, Portugal. Her current projects include Svetlana Bakushina Fusion Quartet which blends the improvisational elements of jazz with rhythmic and harmonic complexity, creating a dynamic and experimental musical fusion. The style can be described as a mix of jazz, classical, ethnic, and progressive rock. Svetlana collaborates with pianists Doris Gameiro and José Antonio Cubela in a  Piano Trio, based in the USA.  Also she performs original and classical repertoire in solo, duo and trio formats in variouse instrumentation.