📍 This art project comprises 24 digital manipulation prints, but only a selection is displayed on this page. ⚠️ Warning: Please be advised that the project contains nudity and may not be suitable for all viewers. To view the complete series, please click here.

Digital art prints 60x90cm, photographic paper, 2004-2006


This art series project is a unique exploration of the ancient Futhark runes, with each of the 24 runes represented by an image featuring human bodies of various genders, relationship statuses, and stages of life. The runes have been used for centuries to communicate a wide range of concepts and emotions, from love and connection to protection and healing, and each image in this series seeks to capture the essence of a particular rune through the use of visual metaphor. For example, the rune Fehu, which symbolizes wealth and abundance, is represented by an image featuring a woman cradling a baby, while the rune Ansuz, which represents communication and inspiration, is embodied in an image of two lovers whispering to each other. Through the use of these powerful visual metaphors, the project seeks to explore the many ways in which our bodies can be a tool for conveying meaning and understanding, both verbally and non-verbally. Whether you’re drawn to the runes for their ancient wisdom or simply curious about the ways in which art can tap into the deepest corners of our souls, this project is sure to leave a lasting impression.