CD Digipack “Sun and Frost” by Svetlana Bakushina




Solo piano album, 2021

‘Sun and Frost’ is a loving tribute to Bakushina’s Siberian roots. Having lived in a temporary settlement, behind the Polar Circle, Bakushina became akin to the frequent echoes of indigenous songs and snow storms surrounded by arctic lights and wild animals. This contemporary piano album serves as a comprehensive reflection of Bakuhsina’s experience living in this world, with each track depicting elements of the spellbinding Northern scenery, native voices and drum rhythms, whilst in turn illustrating the magical ambience of the nearby forests and ocean.  ‘Sun and Frost’ acts as a poignant and vulnerable representation of Bakushina’s insulated childhood, with the blunt song titles portraying the aspects of hyperborean life. 

Produced in Algarve, Portugal, the 14-track album, featuring original compositions for solo piano, as well as bonus tracks, recorded in collaboration with musicians across Portugal, Brazil, The Netherlands and USA.