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Sun and Frost

Release Date: May 26, 2024
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I was born in Siberia, my family lived in Taiga behind the Polar circle in a temporary settlement, while my father worked on the oil pipe construction in the 80’s, me and my sister were the only kids in the village. I was spending all my time in the taiga, witnessing the arctic lights, snow storms, presence of wild animals, hearing songs of indigenous people. “Sun and Frost” is a full length piano album of 12 tracks and 2 bonus tracks featuring my friends musicians, each piece is an image, reflecting impressions I experienced living in the hyperborean world: magical northern scenery, native people´s songs and drum rhythms, atmosphere of the forest and the ocean.

Tracks 1 – 12 for solo piano composed and performed by Svetlana Bakushina

Bonus track 13 –  Midnight Sun, feat.
Olga Orlovskaya – soprano
Alfian Emir Adytia – cello

Bonus track 14 –  The drum, feat.
Leo Cappi – bass guitar
Carlos Rufo Martins – drums

Bonus track 15 – Polar night – Not included in the CD edition, not available for download feat.
Carla Pontes – soprano
Alfian Emir Adytia – Cello